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Lithium Ion Battery Consulting & Education

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who we are

Innovation Associates is a leading battery technology consulting and educational firm with expertise in engineering, manufacturing, R & D, marketing, economics and statistics.  We are differentiated by our proprietary work in the adaptation of cutting edge engineering and business methodologies to the specific requirements of the global battery industry.

why Innovation Associates

Our internal research and development efforts insure that our clients will continue to lead tomorrow's global battery industry in science, engineering and business performance.  We make this work available to client-partners through our consulting services, exclusive course offerings, textbooks and webinars.

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The result is that our consulting services and courses are unique, world class engineering and business methods tailored exactly to the specialized needs of the global battery industry.  You know, the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

Applicable To All Chemistries

Our consulting services and courses are applicable to all cell chemistries, fuel cell and ultracapacitor  applications. 

Innovation Associates
Growth Continues
Thank you to our Client-Partners for an extraordinary first 19 years and we are excited about the expanded capabilities becoming available in 2024.  Check out Consulting & Courses pages for details!

Offering Complete Scope of Consulting Services & Course Curriculum

Design of Experiments for Lithium Ion

Electrode Formulation Design

Coating & Calendering Technology

Scale Up: Lab > Pilot > Manufacturing

Six Sigma For Advanced Batteries

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SPC Design & Implementation

Reliability & Accelerated Life Testing

Project Management

Product Cost & Economic Modeling

Process Stability & Capability

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Global Scope

Building the future with Clients & Partners in U.S. Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France & U.K.

Two New Li Ion Engineering Books

Coming Soon From Springer!

by Innovation Associates Founder Eric R. Dix

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