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Products & Services

We've done the hard work of adapting engineering, statistics and economics to the advanced battery industry and it's now available to you too through our Educational Products and Consulting Services.

Consulting Services Scope

The scope of our consulting services extend from the earliest stages of product development in small startup environments to full scale manufacturing support for Fortune 500 clients. Our expertise extends from the raw material qualification stage to full factory design.

Educational Products

We have developed a comprehensive educational curricula, textbooks and webinars to share the work we've done in Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Reliability Engineering, Six Sigma and Economics.

Consulting Services & Courses

The combination of Consulting Services with Courses frequently delivers the highest value to Clients.  We work on the project with your staff and integrate course instruction on the directly relevant content allowing direct transfer of knowledge permanently to your staff while simultaneously making major progress on your critical projects.

Company Origin

In 2005 we decided to create a company solely focused on the adaption of world class engineering, statistics and economics to the specialized needs of the energy storage industry.  Fourteen years later it is this same, singular focus and that differentiates us in delivering the highest possible value.

Product Commercialization Expertise

The ability to simultaneously integrate product design, process design and equipment designs is a tremendous competitive advantage.  It is also only possible through the types of engineering methods we are developing and championing.  

Ongoing Research

Our internal research and development efforts insure that our approaches are tommorrow's world class methods in the global battery industry's science, engineering and economics.

Applicable To All Chemistries

Our consulting services and courses are applicable to all cell chemistries, fuel cell and ultracapacitor  applications. 

Global Scope

Building the future with Clients & Partners in U.S. Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France & U.K.

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