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Exclusive Lithium Ion Courses

At Our Training Facility or Conveniently At Your Site

Statistical Software Training Integrated Into All Courses

Statistical software proficiency is a necessity for today's technologist.

We make it easy with our seamless integration into course Case Studies.

....and much more

Your Project Data as Case Studies in Course (optional)

Your actual project data may be integrated into any course as a Case Study.  Internalize methods while making real progress on projects.

Uniquely Adapted For Advanced Battery Industry

All courses constructed by experts in engineering and statistics with a minimum of 25 years experience in electrode formulation, coatings and advanced cell technology.

Ongoing Research

Our internal research and development efforts insure that our approaches are tommorrow's world class methods in the global battery industry's science, engineering and economics.

Product Commercialization - Pathway To Success

The ability to integrate product design, process design and equipment design is a tremendous competitive advantage.  It is also only possible through the types of engineering methods we are developing and championing.

What were advanced concepts just two to three years ago are now mere entry level requirements to industry leaders and "entry level" capability won't be sufficient to compete in this industry.  Stay committed to lifelong learning!

Applicable To All Chemistries

Our consulting services and courses are applicable to all cell chemistries, fuel cell and ultracapacitor  applications. 

New Lithium Ion Engineering & Business Textbooks

Springer Science and Business Media is known worldwide as one of the foremost scientific, technical and medical publishers in the industry. Established in 1842 and with over 200 Nobel Prize winners counted among their authors of books and journals we are honored to have two books under contract for publication with Springer based upon our work.


"SPC For Battery Engineering & Manufacturing"

"Design of Experiments For Advanced Battery Systems"


  • All courses have an applications orientation which include battery industry case studies.

  • Course series range from fundamentals to advanced methods offering an increasing competence over time.

  • Statistical software training is embedded in all courses. This capability required today by all technologists and business professionals.

Public Versus Private Courses

Our public courses are open to everyone.  Private courses are those conducted for individual client companies.  Your Project Data may be included as Case Studies in the Private Client Courses allowing you to make progress while you learn.

Suggested Prerequisites

Each of us have different backgrounds and experiences. To accomodate this we embed a brief review of the fundamentals in each course for both an introduction and review purposes so the listed prerequisites are advisory only.


For private courses the review may be tailored exactly for the group of attendees.

Course Duration Parameters

Durations listed in our catalog are for public course formats only.  Private courses are jointly scheduled with the client for time which address the needs of the attendees.

Services & Courses Combined

The combination of Consulting Services with Courses can deliver the highest value to Clients and is often preferred.  We work the project with your staff and provide courses of  instruction on the principles and methods being utilized in real time.  Add permanent knowledge to your staff and crashes project time all at once.

Innovation Associates Webinars!

We present free one hour webinars periodically on topics of interest to the industry.  Topics offered past 12 months:


Robust Design For Li Ion Cell Processes & Products

Design of Experiments For Li Ion Cells (Parts 1 & 2)

Statistical Process Control for Li Ion Cell Processes

Setting Specifications With Regression Analysis

Process Capability vs. Machine Capability Analysis

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