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Lithium Ion Battery Consulting & Education  

  Scope of Consulting Services

The scope of our consulting services extends from the earliest stages of product and process development in small startup environments to full scale manufacturing support for Fortune 500 clients.  This range allows us to support needs in any phase of development or manufacturing and at any level.  We are part of your team creating success.

Consulting & Courses Combined

The combination of Consulting Services with Courses can deliver the highest value to Clients and is often preferred.  We work the project with your staff and provide courses of  instruction on the principles and methods being utilized in real time.  Add permanent knowledge to your staff and crashes project time all at once.

SPC Design & Implementation

Reliability & Accelerated Life Testing

Project Management

Product Cost & Economic Modeling

Process Stability & Capability

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Financial Consulting Services

We've expanded our Financial Consulting Services for Manufacturers and the Investment Community.  Product Cost Modeling and Comparative Technologies Analysis provide strategic and market based valuation models.  Please contact us for more details.

Applicable To All Chemistries

Our consulting services and courses are applicable to all cell chemistries, fuel cell and ultracapacitor  applications. 

Electrode Formulation & Chemical Process Design

Electrode Chemists & Process Specialists with Decades of Experience in Electrode Design & Manufacturing

Electrode Coatings & Calendering

Coating & Calendering Technologies

On Line Gaging & SPC Analysis

Process Scale Up: Lab > Pilot > Volume Manufacturing

Concurrent Engineering of Design & Manufacturing

Rapid Time to Market Performance

Design of Experiments For Li Ion Products & Processes

Cell Design and Manufacturing With Complex Processes

World Class Engineering & Statistics Capability

Statistical Process Control - Design & Implementation

Are Your Processes Capable of Meeting Specifications?

How Do You Define "Stability" For Each Process?

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